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Does your spouse have Asperger syndrome?

Does your spouse have Asperger syndrome?

Does your spouse have Asperger syndrome? A growing health problem in South Asian community syndrome. By Eva A.MendesAsperger, a mild form of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), is a growingproblem in South Asian community. Edited-2494-smallThe figures from the CDCreported that 1 in 68 children are currently diagnosed with ASD. You can be seen thatthe same figure now applies to adults also, although currently a large majority ofthem remain undiagnosed. Adults are harder to identify because they are typicallyvery high performance and are usually developed in the fields of computer science,engineering, technology, medicine and science. As Sur-asiaticos usually dominate inthese fields, one could suppose that a significant percentage of our community areaffected by this condition. In my own practice as a counselor couples andpsychotherapist in the Boston area, I see a growing number of individuals and thecommunity of South Asian couples who come in search of guidance, since suspicionthat your spouse could have ASD. A diagnosis of a child TEA is often leading parentsto suspect that they or their spouses may also have traits or a case of TEA. However,while the TEA is more easilyidentifiable in children, especially males, it is much moredifficult to identify in adults. What are some of the characteristics or features that anadult with ASD could exhibit?

● which could be a successful software engineer
● that often has a couple of graduate degrees or even a Ph.d.
● which could be a bit lonely and may have difficulty keeping friends
● is proud to be highly rational and logical
● argumentative and blunt, who could come across as rude
● could never express their feelings, even occasionally
● When his wife is sad or even crying, may not be notice or even react
● loud noises can annoy you
● who may have problems with their bosses at work, and is transmitted forpromotions
● small things can make you very angry
● Could have thought in black and white and very rigid
● who can be either be a neatnik or extremely dirty
● your social skills are weak, it is possible that either talk too much or too little
● your emotional intelligence quotient or EQ is very weakEven however, I have used"it" pronoun above, many women also have TEA. Here are some ways in which ahusband can experience his wife TEA:
● Often at the ends of his wit is in trying to please her, in vain
● Your needs can seem endless and impossible to comply with
● They could try to get away to his in-laws and friends of her husband
● can be very jealous and possessive of her husband time
● The small things and the changes in the plans could bother her to extreme
● may seem extremely type-a and highly anxious
● Your husband may experience it as being very controlling
● can be very critical and hard to please
● May be very intelligent, but also they seem very irrational at times
● could get angry and remain so for days
● may seem emotionally cold and cut offWhile the aforementioned traits are not necessarily gender, men and women may seem a little different. And diagnose if your spouse has ASD or not is difficult and complex that only a specialist of ASD can perform. 

Does your spouse have Asperger syndrome
Does your spouse have Asperger syndrome

ASD is not a psychological disorder, but a neurological difference and a delay in development. It is hereditary in nature and traits or full-fledged ASD can be hereditary. These families are often highly successful and prominent. Adults with ASD can be also highly desirable as companions. They are often physically attractive, quiet and it can be very innocent and sincere. They can be doctors, engineers, it professionals, and they might be people with high income. Taking into account that a large number of Indians still opt for arranged marriages or through Internet or they have relationships long distance, the challenges and the traits of the person with ASD can initially go unnoticed. Many times, it is only after the marriage that the true nature of the traits of the person become apparent. The motivation to make the marriage work, especially if there are children involved, is always high. With a spouse with ASD, the wife or husband may suffer severe depression and even suicidal feelings because they feel powerless to change the situation. With so much pain and disconnection, often the wife or the husband can even cheat and have an adventure or take to drinking in excess or work long hours to escape your spous. Does your spouse have Asperger syndrome

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