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After 10 years of Bella and Edward, 'Twilight Reimagined' brings A Twist

After 10 years of Bella and Edward, 'Twilight Reimagined' brings A Twist

After 10 years of Bella and Edward, 'Twilight Reimagined' brings A Twist.  Ten years ago, Stephenie Meyer put a twist in all boy-meets-girl. In his youth novel twilight, girl meets vampire and werewolf then. The supernatural romance between Bella and Edward unleashed a saga that includes four best-selling books, translated into more than 50 languages and five grossing movies.
The tenth anniversary re-release of twilight arrives with a new twist: in life and death: Twilight Reimagined, Meyer tells his classic story from a male point of view. There is no Bella, but there is Beau. And Edward, the Vampire? She is Edythe.

After 10 years of Bella and Edward, 'Twilight Reimagined' brings A Twist
After 10 years of Bella and Edward, 'Twilight Reimagined' brings A Twist

NPR Kelly McEvers spoke with Meyer, who said that he hoped that this new novel gender altering satiating the die-hard fans who were hungry for history to be told from the point of view of Edward.
"If no Edward, people are not so interested", Meyer laughs. "So we'll see if someone wants to read the life and death-. "Because I'm going to tell you, my mother is opposed to the fact that Edward is not in this novel she could not get into it because there was no Edward!"
Highlights of the interview
Why reassigned is the gender of the characters of twilight
To prepare to make the Edition 10th anniversary - which I wasn't very involved with at that point in time; I knew that it was going to happen - the editor wanted me to do something for the release. I think that the idea was a rather forward - sounding very, very boring for me. And I was trying to think of something that not him, you know, suck on, really.
And I had people ask me, you know, if Bella was too a damsel in distress, and so many times I said that it was a human being in danger. None of us would go so well treating him match our forces for someone who had superpowers. Just as I was thinking about that, I thought, well, and if I kind of looked through the different lens - the perspective of Beau? I started with the first chapter, and then it is as I have of me.
On whether the exchange of gender was a response to criticisms of Bella
A little, as you know - is not a different power to be silence. And so, I've never felt that Edward was as control as some think, or Bella as passive as people thought. But in that specific consultation, this was my ability to really respond firmly - that actually there is no difference when the human being is the male. It is in the same situation - which still can not lift cars over your head.
About how Beau and Edythe differ from Bella and Edward
Beau is not so angry as Bella is. It is also a little more OCD. And then Edythe is very similar to Edward. There are some places where I wanted to in the original novel that it had shown what could be done a little more. She tends to answer questions before people can respond to them that Edward did. But that was more just, "Oh, I should have done that way the first time."

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